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Company History

Huffman Roof Company has been in business since 1921. During this time many things have changed, but the company leadership's commitment to quality and service has not. We invite you to take a moment to read about the interesting history of Huffman Roof Company.


Humble Beginnings...

In 1921 the Great War was still in recent memory and the Roaring Twenties were beginning. A young ball player named Babe Ruth was starting to hit home runs for the Yankees, and Warren G. Harding became the
29th president of the United States.

Roy O. HuffmanDuring this same time, a young businessman established a landmark Riverside business. Roy Huffman founded his dream to provide "safe and secure" shelter for local homes and shops. That small beginning spawned a family-owned business that spans four generations of Huffmans and has grown to be one of the Inland Area's largest commercial and residential roofing companies.

The Second Generation Takes Over...

Clarence HuffmanRoy managed the company for 44 years. Upon his death in 1965, Clarence, Roy's son, took over as President of the Company. Clarence's wife Gloria and their daughter Debbi also became intimately involved with roofing as the next generation of Huffmans continued Roy's legacy for "fixing it right."

The Third Generation Carries On...

Debbi HuffmanIn 1977, Clarence and Gloria were killed in a plane crash while on vacation. At the age of 26, Debbi Huffman was faced with a difficult choice: disband the company, or become its third generation family leader. She made the commitment to her employees to pursue Roy's dream that the company would not only continue, but thrive.
And it has...

Debbi saw new opportunities in the roofing industry. One was to expand Huffman Roof into the public works arena. Through carefully devised strategies, the company targeted opportunities in the growing region.

Huffman Roof expanded its participation in trade and professional organizations, creating new business networks which lead to more opportunities. Today, Huffman Roof clients include major business, industry, government, school, and residential projects.

New Directions

In 2004, Debbi Huffman decided to retire from the roofing business - but she was concerned about the future of Huffman roof and its many dedicated employees and clients. She decided the best thing to do was sell the company to its vice president: Tom Garton. Tom had worked closely with Debbi for many years as Vice President, overseeing day-to-day operations of Huffman Roof Co.

Tom Garton was no stranger to the roofing business. Garton Roof Company of Corona was started by his grandfather, Herbert Garton in 1923. In fact, Herbert and Roy Huffman were friendly competitors in the Inland area for many years. In 1973, Clarence Huffman purchased Garton Roof Company from Tom's father, Doug.

Tom and his wife, Kim, took over the company on October 1, 2004 after a stock purchase agreement. Tom and Kim are both deeply committed to serving the local community with the same dedication to quality and service as the founding grandfathers.

The Legacy Lives On...

After such humble beginnings in 1921, the founding grandfathers would be proud to know that their legacy lives on.

None of this could have been accomplished without the many years of support from our customers, our suppliers, our friends, and the Inland community that we cherish.

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